Mobile APP to Educate Kenyans On Their Health

Nairobi — Kenyans are set to be linked to a new mobile and web health information application tool to enable them access material to enhance their health.

The app dubbed iAfya Health Information provided by Avallain Limited aims at supporting health professionals educate their patients on better lifestyle to promote their health.

The application has been integrated at Coptic Hospital following a three month pilot.

During the pilot exercise iAfya Health Information was used to educate patients in the maternal and child health clinics with topics such as antenatal care breastfeeding, nutrition, basic fast aid, vaccination and family planning

So far the application has guided more than 200 mothers through their pregnancies.

The mothers are allowed to freely share their health experiences with a health professional, while the health professional responds to the questions.

Avallain Limited Deputy Director Shelmith Mumbi says the application contains essential basic health information that is contextualize to the needs of every household in Kenya.

She says the company will extend the initiative to other clinics within Coptic Hospital besides maternal and child health clinics that include Chronic Disease Clinic and Tuberculosis Clinic with weekly health talks and basic training on how to access health information via their mobile phones.

“The integration of iAfya in our effort to provide patient education services to our clients is not only helping us save on time and capabilities but is also empowering our patients to be knowledgeable about their health and that of their family,” she said.

She says the app also provide a great opportunity in reducing amounts of preventable emergencies.

Everyone can conveniently access the iAfya mobile web version via and download the iAfyaAndroid app.