A tip of the Untold Stories

By Alex Omari

Video, Courtesy of KTN

So, how far is the  magnitude of unsafe abortions in Kenya. A study  “Incidence and Complications of Unsafe Abortion in Kenya” by the Ministry of Health in partnership with African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC)  indicated that close to 465,000 induced abortions occurred in Kenya in 2012. This corresponds to an induced abortion rate of 48 abortions per 1000 women of reproductive age (15-49 years) while 266 out of the 1000 who procure abortions die. It is also estimated that 157,762 women received care for complications of induced and spontaneous abortions. An overwhelming 119,912 women had complications due to induced abortions with the remainder (37850) women had spontaneous ones.

In 2002 the induced abortion rate in Kenya  was 45/1000 while in 2008 it further stretched to 48/1000. This is a shock but to make matters clearer, the induced abortion rate in Kenya cant go unnoticed when compared to  the East African and African rates in general  which are at 39/1000 and 29/1000 respectively.

As at January 2015, the issue still remains a menace as needless deaths of women occur.Are Kenyans really feeling the pinch of this issue ,and if yes, which steps are in place to curtail this mammoth called unsafe abortion. Below is just a tip of the untold stories occurring at the backyard.

”Police in Kakamega county  launched a manhunt for a man who has allegedly been aiding abortions for school girls and women in Furave village. This is after a discovery of a hole that contained human skeletons was found in his compound.”, reported by KTN.

Here are the details.