Teenagers (Students) Arrested For Sex and Alcohol Abuse


Around 550 children have been arrested for public indecency in Uasin Gishu County, Eldoret. The students are alleged to have been drinking and engaging in sexual activities at a night club.

The youngsters who were found in Sam’s Discotheque after a raid conducted by police and officials from National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA).

It is reported that a section of those apprehended were aged between 13 and 18 years and were found in possession of bhang, khat, used condoms and banned alcohol brands.

Confirming the incident, Alcohol Control Board Chairman Amstrong Rono, said they had been investigating the club on operating without proper documentation and allowing underage drinking.

He added that the club would remain closed as the manager and employees who were working on Sunday night had also been arrested and would be arraigned in court.

Eldoret West Acting OCPD Samson Rukunga explained that the adolescents were placed under police custody for protection.

“The children were taken to safe custody after it emerged that majority were under the age of 18 and we are currently handing them over to their parents.” said Rukunga.

Parents were expected to pay a cash bail of Sh1000 as they picked their children. The students’ parents asked the authorities to shut down clubs operating without licenses while on the other hand the authorities told parents to be cautious of their children’s activities.

This incident comes two months after thirty five secondary school students from different schools in Kirinyaga were allegedly caught smoking bhang and having sex inside a bus . The students hired the bus at Sh 600 each and the matatu crew looked the other way as the students indulged in drugs and sex party.

A female student in the bus was allegedly found in possession of bhang hidden in her innerwear.

Courtesy of  Waridi Ajambo: