UNDP Equator Initiative -Northern Rangelands Case Study Review translation

Northern Rangelands Trust (Kenya) [Swahili]

Alex Omari was engaged by UNDP as a  Review translator (English to Swahili) for the UNDP Equator Initiative Case Study – United Nations Volunteer


Family Planning London Summit 11th July 2017 #HerFuture

Courtesy of FP2020 #FPVoices #HerFuture

On July 11, policymakers, donors, and advocates from around the world will gather at the Family Planning Summit in London, UK, to discuss efforts to reach our Family Planning 2020 goals and ensure that more women and girls around the world are able to plan their families and their futures.

Family planning is a best-buy in global development. When women and girls have access to family planning, they are able to complete their education, create or seize better economic opportunities, and fulfill their full potential—in short, entire families, communities and nations benefit.